We are the one-stop ultra modern vehicle repair workshop designed and equipped with modern repair/diagnostic tools, complemented by highly skilled and courteous personnels to meet your needs and aspirations in maintaining your modern cars.

repairs - car repair company in ibadan

DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES (know what's wrong and and get it fixed)

BODY REPAIRS ()Everything that pertains to your vehicle's body

servicing - car servicing in ibadan

WHEEL ALIGNMENT (Put a balance on your car's front and rear wheels)

CAR PAINTING (Oven-based car painting and more...)

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What We Do?

repairs - car repair company in ibadan


Already know what’s wrong? Book for the repair you need.

servicing - car servicing in ibadan


We ensure your vehicle is kept in perfect working condition.

car repair and diagnostic services in ibadan - motorgee

Diagnose and Fix

Struggling to know what’s wrong? Let a professional identify and fix the problem.

air-conditioning - motorgee car repepair company in ibadan

Air Condition

Bad Air-Conditioner? Let’s help you recharge it.


Why Motogenius Car Repair Ltd?

✅Services beyond Standard

This is the very mantra of our organization. Our services are top-notch and not easy to come-by, most especially in terms of price and timeliness

✅Competent professionals

Our professionals are highly competent automobile engineers and autocare specialist with a rich engineering knowledge-based.

✅Affordable Prices

Compared to what many of our competitors charge for services not as good as ours, our prices are very much pocket-friendly

✅Unbeatable Customer Service

Behind our outstanding performance and quality-service delivery is bespoke 24/7 customer service.

✅Latest Diagnostic Equipments

Behind our outstanding performance and quality-service delivery is a array of most recent automobile repair tools, equipment and devices.

✅We maintain the Standard

Unlike many competitors out there, we maintain high standards, just as prescribed by the manufacturers

Book a Mobile Mechanic from Your Home or Office

Got a problem with your vehicle? Not to worry, we are closer to you than you can ever imagine, we’re just a click away.

Accessing our website through your mobile phone? Simply contact us via WhatsApp or Phone Call using the floating contact us button on every page on our website.

Using your laptop or desktop computer? Simply contact us using our contact us form. Be sure to get a prompt response.

Can you come pick up my car while I’m away?

Yes, we can. Motor Genius Car Repair Limited is so keen at maintaining your car while you work on other important things, even while you sleep. Call us today. We will get in touch with you in split time

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