Welcome to Motorgenius Car Repair Ltd

Who We Are

We are excited to welcome you to Motorgenius Car Repair Ltd (otherwise known as Motorgee). We are your one-stop Autoclinic that specializes in modern repair and maintenance of all brands of vehicles. The company was founded in April, 2011 but commenced operation in June, 2013.

Motor Genius Car Repair Limited is a fast raising car specialist whose professionalism in car repairs and maintenance is widely acclaimed, relevant and sophisticated. We give your automobile the best treat it truly deserves and we also help place your car in a smooth, accident-free form regardless of your car brand. 

We are the one-stop ultra modern vehicle repair workshop designed and equipped with modern repair/diagnostic tools, complemented by highly skilled and courteous personnel to meet your needs and aspirations in maintaining your modern cars. Our priority is to ensure that your car is neatly furnished with 100% security at our garage.

Our Mission

  • Transform the auto world through provision of innovative and renovative technology.
  • Become a renowed/world class mechatronic workshop capable of solving auto problems through the use of modern technological system in line with what entails in technologically advanced nations.
  • Produce technologically minded geniuses through training and retaining of auto technicians in order to withstand future technological challenges and treats.
  • Be a partner in progress with universities: polytechnics/colleges of technology/ Technical schools to achieving technological breakthrough.
  • Fill the vacuum created by death of modern technical manpower.

What We Do

Our Managing Director is an Engineering graduate with his area of specialization being Automotive Mechatronics with over 20 years of hands-on experience.

He is also a graduate of Automedics Ltd, USA. Under his exquisite leadership and administration, our company has worked with many bespoke organizations and individuals. 

Since we began operation many years ago, we have transformed the auto-world in Nigeria. His leadership has led the company into delighting our customers with services beyond standard.


Engr. Babajide Babayode
Managing Director/ CEO

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